Sete: "One day, one work"zoom on a triptych created by Jean-Luc Parant

Once a month, Midi Libre goes to meet a work from the collection of the Paul-Valéry museum. While the tribute exhibition to Jean-Luc Parant will begin on Wednesday November 23, we will decipher the triptych of boats and fish for you.

In the company of the Paul-Valéry museum, Midi Libre invites you to discover each month an emblematic work of the Sète establishment. After Maurice Marinot, here is Jean-Luc Parant for this “Triptych with boats and fish” produced in 1990-1991.

A tribute exhibition

This choice is no coincidence when, on Wednesday, November 23, “In Memory of the Marvelous” opens, an exhibition in tribute to the artist who died on July 25, who had lived and worked between Normandy, Illiers-Combray and Sete.

Let’s look at this triptych described by Stéphane Tarroux, director of the Paul-Valéry museum. “It depicts two ships on which are visible two human silhouettes as well as three fish. For the sea, Jean-Luc Parant used sealing wax, his favorite material for making the balls, but also sheets typed in the typescripts or manuscripts. The typescripts, sometimes annotated, are those of texts on animals of which he is the author: they are torn, cut and glued as a painter would use color spots. The body of the fish is made up of handwritten sheets , which are reminders: the word creates the visual function in the context of the painting! A relationship is thus established between the two poles of Jean-Luc Parant’s work, writing and plastic creation.”

The animal versus the human being

It was at the end of the 1980s that interest in animals began to appear in the writing of Jean-Luc Parant, whose main theme is the gaze. “He wonders in particular about what differentiates the gaze of the animal from the gaze of the human being: with humor, Jean-Luc Parant remarks that no animal will peek through a keyhole! This triptych can also be situated in relation to Jean-Luc Parant’s practice as a collector. He was in the habit of accumulating curiosities or marvels, in other words natural objects which present an astonishing appearance.”

Marine landslide.
Free lunch – Paul-Valéry Museum

In the collections of the museum is thus preserved an installation entitled “Marine Landslide” (photo above) with stuffed animals.

The tribute of the artists of Sète

From Wednesday November 23 to Sunday February 12, 2023, the Paul-Valéry museum pays tribute to the visual artist and poet Jean-Luc Parant, with the exhibition “Jean-Luc Parant. In memory of the marvelous. Personal works and artist’s tributes” On the ground floor, 16 pieces will be exhibited forming the collection kept at the museum in dialogue with around forty loans granted by collectors. Upstairs, the works of artists from Sète and elsewhere who wanted to pay homage to Jean-Luc Parant will be displayed.

Open Tuesday to Sunday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Guided tours from Tuesday to Saturday at 3 p.m. Inauguration this Tuesday, November 22 at 6 p.m. More information on the museum website.

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