Sète: mobilization in songs for the climate… and for the trees

A march for the climate brought together a hundred people this Saturday morning. Activists and citizens then went to Place Aristide-Briand to join the Bancs publics collective.

The climate collective of Sète joined this Saturday in the international and national marches which make the voice of the citizens heard while heads of state and NGOs are gathered in Egypt until November 18 for the Cop 27.

At the call of Alternatiba, Attac, the League of Human Rights, 51 and Greenpeace, activists, sympathizers, citizens met at 10 a.m. on the Place du Pouffre with many signs, emblems (a thermometer at the end of a line, a plastic hat) and songs to say no to “megafires, floods, heat waves, droughts, pollution, destruction of species…” Also present were the departmental councilor and opposition municipal councilor Véronique Calueba and Laurent Hercé, elected municipal official also sitting in the opposition.

“Rather than walking, we should run”

“Rather than walking, we should run, ironically Renaud Camilleri of the League of Human Rights. It’s been urgent for decades. As its name suggests, this is the 27th cop. I also recall that environmental activists are currently imprisoned in Egypt. In a dictatorship, we confine them and in a democracy, we confine them to the margins. Françoise Alamartine, representing Alternatiba and Le 51, insisted, during her speech, on “the link between social inequalities and greenhouse gas emissions. Those who emit the most are the richest”denouncing “commitments never honored for poor countries”.

Militant placards.

“Rich countries have historical responsibilities in the climate crisis” added an Attac activist while the Greenpeace delegate invited “Invent an alternative model of society. 2022 was the hottest year on record. Deforestation must be stopped, not like here.” Understand the lime trees of the place Aristide-Briand whose fate had led some worried Sétois to join this demonstration.

With public benches

The opposition of the Bancs publics collective to the construction of the underground car park under the central square of Sète and the transplanting of trees (1) was shared by those present. Remember that the Administrative Court of Montpellier suspended their removal in its order of October 5th. After a march in the streets of the city center, the climate activists joined those of Public Benches.

The fight was also political.

The fight was also political.

It was time for the debriefing of the demonstration on Tuesday, November 8, followed, the same evening, by the support shown by José Bové during the program “Aux Arbres citoyen” on France 2. The agricultural trade unionist and activist asked the Minister to the ecological transition, present on the set, to intervene. “It’s a turning point. We are coming out of the local head-to-head. We are no longer alone” welcomed the leader of the collective, Christophe Lalia. A letter was sent this Saturday morning to Minister Christophe Béchu to ask him for an appointment while François Piettre, secretary of the collective, announced the desire of Bancs publics to file a lawsuit “an appeal to obtain the suspension of the start of work until the judgment on the merits is reached.”

(1) According to the City, 57 trees out of 82 will be replanted at the Louis-Michel stadium and 82 will be replanted on the site at the end of the works.

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