Sète: historic strike at the Sainte-Thérèse polyclinic, nearly 80% of employees on the bridge

An unprecedented social movement shakes the polyclinic this Tuesday, May 10, out of one hundred and twenty-two employees, one hundred were declared on strike.

Since the installation of the clinic at its current location, the establishment had only experienced a one-hour walkout in 2017. This Tuesday, May 10, nearly eighty percent of the staff were on the street. Armed with whistles and signs, the white coats of the administrators of the Sainte-Thérèse polyclinic were on strike this Tuesday for the whole day. Seventy strikers under the window of the management office and part of the staff on strike ensure the proper functioning of services and the care of hospitalized patients. About fifty operations have been deprogrammed in the outpatient department.

Lack of constructive dialogue

Caregivers, nurses, administrative staff and all heads of departments are fed up with the lack of constructive dialogue with management. Stephy, Céline and Magali are very upset. These caregivers, without a fixed position, each have different reasons for being on strike: wages, lack of recognition, absence of bonuses, lack of replacements, staff and fixed positions, but also of organizing schedules. While they list their grievances in a rise in power of the whistles, the colleagues come to add some. “There is an overall lack of benevolence at the managerial level”complained another protester. “A lack of safety for patients too!”adds another. “We don’t know where the Ségur 2 state bonus has gone”bids a third.

Some seventy demonstrators.
Noon Free – Eva Tissot

“we are all welded”

Florian Distefano is a nurse in the block, in the absence of the FO union delegate, elected from the staff, he acts as spokesperson for the movement. “The situation has been getting worse for a few months, we tried to have a dialogue with the management. We had meetings, we sent emails and we did not get any answers adapted to our requests. important for us to show our leaders that we are all united. At all levels, administrative side, maternity, surgery, operating room… We are all together and we are tired of working in These conditions”explains the nurse.“We are not in an aggressive posture towards our establishment, we just all want things to move forward. We want to shock management to change things”, he adds. “We give them ten days to prepare concrete proposals, otherwise we will do a small strike again”, one of her colleagues declares firmly. Follows an avalanche of reproaches to the management.

“The health crisis has been tiring for everyone”

On the management side, Nathalie Cournede has been running the establishment since 2003. In her office while the demonstrators parade all signs outside, it’s a bit of a crisis cell. The CEO Mathieu Commeinhes and a lawyer were called in support to calmly respond to the discontent. “It’s a particularly well-attended strike, we have 122 employees. We have strong tensions on the human resources of nursing staff, that’s obvious. The health crisis has been tiring, and the current inflation is not helping.“, she explains. “We are subject to the tariffs given to us by the government and we are economically limited”.

Management communicates:

“We hear the dissatisfaction of employees. However, we are surprised because social policy has always been at the heart of the issues of the Sainte Thérèse Polyclinic. … We attach the utmost importance to the support of Human Resources. It is in this respect that the Polyclinic conducts a social and salary policy much more favorable than that in force within the private hospitalization branch.This social policy has notably resulted in an increase of nearly 16% in the mass salary last year at constant headcount. It is the result of a sustained social dialogue, in particular through the staff and union representatives present within the structure… We call for dialogue in order to emerge from this movement growing.”

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