Sète: families, teachers and the city face the difficult health protocol in schools

Since Monday, January 3, the schools of Sète have been discovering their new health protocol, modified on Thursday, January 6. And it is sometimes complex.

“We feel alone.” In this elementary school in the city of Sète, the director has spent the first days since the start of the school year, dealing exclusively with the application of the new health protocol given at the last moment by the Ministry of National Education.

Juggling between multiple letters to parents, faculty and government guidelines, which continue to update. “Where the cases appeared on Monday, the administration was released only on Wednesday” she confides.

Lack of anticipation

And to regret, as is the case generally, a lack of anticipation that had to be faced. “This forces us to improvise. We learn on Tuesday or Wednesday a positive case and Thursday we have to be reactive, because we have to contact the families. We have to make the link. And I am not talking about replacements. As we are not allowed. not to shake things up, parents are asked to be kind enough to keep the children at home. And when they work … You imagine the complexity for families too. ”

For the nearby kindergarten, the headmistress relativizes the wind of panic blowing on this subject, in a school setting that she believes is “widely adaptable” for activities. When classes resume, they are confident parents who bring their toddlers back because, even if the protocol evolves, “they are not kept apart from the school life of their children”.

No choice

“Anyway we have no choice” these professionals say in unison as well as the mothers questioned in front of the schools.

These also draw attention to the cumbersome protocol for children who are sometimes very young. “Getting tested every two days is ridiculous. It’s too much! My daughter was tested three times in five days.”

Parents according to the health protocol for their children

A refined strategy

Sick agents, hyper-precise protocol: it is not obvious either for the City of Sète, to follow. The City recognizes “juggling staff reassignments” in a management “tense, like everywhere”, but ensures that the situation is still on track. Morning and evening “administrative agents come to reinforce the agents of animation” when welcoming students and during extracurricular time.

“Killing our children’s nostrils is nonsense.”

“They no longer see us smiling and live with social distancing” explains the mother of Chainez, 5 years old. Contaminated not long ago, the toddler exclaimed, crying: “I couldn’t cuddle anymore! I’m going to die!” Subsequently, it was the test itself that distressed the young child, for which three adults had to maintain her. The mother confides her dismay: “She used to say hello to everyone, now that’s not the case. Killing our children’s nostrils is nonsense.”. Following which a mother asks: “What are we going to leave with them? A world of fear?”

Across the constituency, 112 classes were closed last Thursday at 1 p.m. And a new week began this Monday, January 10, with a protocol, which has been partly lightened since that date.

Dinstructions and actions are emerging day by day to face the Omicron “tidal wave” in schools, whether for “pearl” or intrafamily cases, the children of caregivers, … At the level of the Academy, the additional staff is mobilized, due to the availability of LAC mediation agents (screening campaigns by saliva tests), as well as a recruitment by district to support the heads of establishments.

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