Sète: a beautiful ladder snake discovered on the heights of Saint-Clair

It was photographed and filmed by a Saint-Clairian.

This is not the first time that this resident of the heights of Saint-Clair has discovered a snake in his garden. The third, he said. He had also fallen last year on the moulting skin of a Montpellier snake, which measured no less than 2.20 m.

A beautiful specimen.

This time, very recently, he was able to observe, photograph and film up close, a very beautiful ladder snake (Zamenis scalaris), about 1.50 m long. This species is found around the French Mediterranean, in Spain, Portugal and Italy. It is not dangerous for humans (it does not inject venom), even if it can be aggressive and bite.

Its presence is in any case a new positive sign of the maintenance of animal biodiversity on Mont-Saint-Clair. Remember that these species are protected. Not touch !

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