Serious accident in Ostrava: Police officers collided with police officers!

Police officers sat in both cars. In one of them, a detective off-duty, he was the one to blame for the accident, when he did not give priority to the handlers driving down May 1st Street. He was taken to the hospital in critical condition. “The man remained stuck and unconscious in the crashed vehicle. Firefighters rescued him. Subsequently, it was fixed with a pelvic belt and placed in a vacuum mattress. The intervening doctor found a head and brain injury in him, “said rescuer Lukáš Humpl.

The dog did not survive

The hacked cynologists were on duty. They escaped from the accident “only” with moderate injuries, but they are also in the hospital. Their service dog succumbed to serious injuries. But the driver has a big problem, he allegedly drank alcohol before driving! The accident is already being addressed by GIBS. “She received file material from the Police of the Czech Republic for the traffic accident in Ostrava-Vítkovice and is dealing with the case,” said Ivana Nguyenová, a spokeswoman for the inspection.

The drunk is in danger of being fired

According to TV Polar, the driver of the handlers should have had almost one per mille of alcohol in his blood in the accident. “If, in the opinion of a lawyer, a criminologist is identified as the culprit of the accident, saying that a drunken cynologist could not prevent the accident, a lower amount of alcohol in the blood will only be taken as a misdemeanor. If a police officer had blood in his blood despite the per mille of alcohol, it would be a crime, and even if he did not cause the accident, it would probably mean his end with the police, “said TV Polar.

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