Serie A and Covid, here is the new protocol: matches postponed if a team has 35% positive players

The A league Go on. At any cost but not in any condition: over a maximum of 35% positive in the team, the races will come postponed. But the players will no longer be put in forty from the ASL, if you come into contact with i positive, and this should be enough to save the championship. Thus ends (except for surprises: there is no ratification tomorrow of the Lega Calcio assembly, and then Friday of the Technical-Scientific Committee) yet another Covid emergency of the Italian football. The usual theater, among ASL pulled by the jacket from presidents who did not want to play, quarantined players sent to the field, legal disputes, furious protests from executives who felt damaged, matches played in conditions pitiful and still sub-judicial results. It took government intervention to find a solution.

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Actually the A league he had already put a piece there, with the appeals accepted by Tar against quarantines illegitimately (according to the judges) by Asl. Upon resumption after the break, several teams had been placed in isolation by the health authorities, who in some cases had even ignored the new national legislation for which a vaccinated with third dose you must not quarantine if you come into contact with a positive. The football league had challenged the measures and obtained a suspension. Having established this principle, the risk of one Avalanche of postponements was already averted. However, the uncertainty of the lack of uniformity, and doubts about the new rule for which a minimum of 13 footballers (including spring) to play, a rule approved unanimously by the League but amid obvious disagreements, as evidenced by the protests of the last days (from the president of Turin, Urban Cairo, to the coach of Bologna, Sinisa Mihajlovic, up to the appeal presented by Udinese after the defeat against Atalanta).

This is the purpose of the new protocol, developed by the bank between the Sports Department of Palazzo Chigi, Cones, Football Association e League, which will also apply to the other disciplines. The document establishes two fundamental principles: the first is that i players until negatives don’t go in anymore forty. Regardless of the vaccination status, a bit like last season they will be able to continue playing and train in “bubble” (ie for at least 5 days rapid daily swab and mask obligation Fpp2 when I’m not on the pitch). A clear and uniform indication for all ASL, which should no longer put in difficulty the tournament. There remains the “no-vax” issue, which with the new rules on the green pass they can play but have a series of restrictions (on hotels, changing rooms, etc.) that make travel practically impossible. For them no exceptions.

The novelty, however, is that the League will have to back down on the rule of 13 players: the protocol provides that the races will be played up to a maximum of 35% of positive, as well as will be postponed. This officially for a measure of a health nature (in addition, an outbreak is too extensive), but also to accommodate the complaints on the “sporting merit” that had been raised by several parties. There percentage – than the minister Hope would have liked lower, and the higher Serie A, in the end a compromise was found – however it must be calculated only in the first team group, excluding the spring but also the staff who until now were part of the bill. So on an average squad of 30 players, up to 10 positives will be played, after which the game will be postponed. Now the championship can continue on a regular basis. More or less.

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