Serial Kelly


Gaby Amarantos
Igor de Araujo
Paula Cohen
Aline Marta

Direction: René Guerra

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Genre: Comedy

Duration: 85 min.

Distributor: Showcase Films

Budget: BRL 5 million

Debut: November 24, 2022


While fulfilling a schedule of shows in inferninhos across the backlands, Kelly, an electronic forró singer, is also leaving a trail of deaths along the way. In its path of compulsive consumption and violence, it crosses a new northeast, spiral of an equally apocalyptic development. When she starts being investigated for the murders of three men, her mambembe tour also becomes an escape strategy. And from rising star she becomes a marginal heroine, the feared and sought after Serial Kelly, the first female serial Killer in Brazil.


Review | Serial Kelly – Gaby Amarantos Debuts on the Big Screen as SERIAL KILLER Matadora de Machistas


» In addition to driving, René Guerra also signs the script alongside Marcelo Caetano🇧🇷




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