Sergio Ramos taulier of PSG, Galtier persists and signs

Since his arrival at PSG a month ago, Christophe Galtier has relied heavily on Sergio Ramos, author of a white season in 2021-2022.

A year after signing for Paris Saint-Germain from Real Madrid, will Sergio Ramos finally live up to expectations? Author of a complete preparation, the ex-Spanish international finally seems to be spared from injury. Holder and scorer in the Champions Trophy against FC Nantes on Sunday (4-0), Sergio Ramos is a real taulier in the eyes of Christophe Galtier. Internally, it is sometimes rumored that the Spaniard is like a captain for the Parisian coach, a player on whom he relies as much as on Marquinhos. In a press conference two days before the match between PSG and Clermont, Christophe Galtier admitted that he was counting a lot on Sergio Ramos. Beyond the Spaniard’s natural leadership, the Parisian coach expects to see a performing player on the pitch this season.

Galtier makes Ramos a mainstay in the dressing room

“Sergio is one of the locker room executives. This player profile, whether he plays or does not play, must bring you the requirement of the very high level. We cannot have played 800 matches, won x trophies and x times the Champions League, without having been exemplary, demanding and very professional. Automatically, he is part of the locker room executives. It happened to me to have executives who sometimes did not play, because there was better. But I always rely on this player profile, with an extraordinary career. These executives must bring in terms of professionalism, to each other, and they can bring me to me too through exchanges on their experience, which I do not have. They can also bring me answers to questions that I may ask myself » launched Christophe Galtier about Sergio Ramos, before continuing and concluding.

Sergio Ramos ‘ready and available’ this season

“Sergio didn’t miss any training session during the preparation. He did a lot of warm-up matches. He is physically well, he works. He had a shock on the quadriceps during the Champions Trophy. I asked him twice if he felt capable of finishing the game. As he is a great competitor and he had not played a lot last season, even if he was in pain, he wanted to finish the match. To show that he was ready this year to be efficient and available. rejoiced Christophe Galtier, whose starting lineup against Clermont leaves little doubt. And to the delight of the Parisian coach, Sergio Ramos will be part of it. In Christophe Galtier’s 3-4-3, the ex-captain of Real Madrid will be associated with captain Marquinhos and Presnel Kimpembe.

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