Sergio Ramos in great suffering at PSG, the terrible admission

Prestige rookie of Paris SG this summer, Sergio Ramos is the other big name to have put his bags in the capital with Lionel Messi.

Such a catch seemed, as for the Argentinian, almost impossible to imagine a few weeks earlier. But it was Real Madrid who had to spin off one of their most iconic players at the end of their contract, and PSG only had to bend down to pick up crumbs. The financial investment has been copious, Nasser Al-Khelaïfi hoped to have offered himself a winner and a leader to go for this Champions League. So far, Sergio Ramos has only made three appearances, and one full game, in over six months. Between injuries, his red card, and the fact that Mauricio Pochettino struggles to give him playing time like last weekend against OL, the Spaniard finds the time long in Paris. He has no plans to turn back at the end of the season yet, but he is clearly not used to taking a place on the sidelines. And according to Luis Fernandez, always very close to the Hispanic players of the club, he saw it very badly.

Sergio Ramos wants to prove his worth at PSG

A little turnover from Mauricio Pochettino would therefore not hurt Sergio Ramos’ morale. ” I have always been in favor of this operation. Done well, it gives everyone the opportunity to start. I wish from the bottom of my heart to see Ramos return to the pitch. Ramos is in pain. But he’s a competitor. And when I see his smile, I have no doubt that he wants to prove that the club was right “, Entrusted the former coach of PSG to the Parisian. Reassuring words but which will require confirmation on the field, while Sergio Ramos is especially expected in the Champions League cleaver matches. But it is not certain that the Parisian coach upsets his hierarchy now a month of shock against Real Madrid.

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