Sergio Marone on keeping fit at 40: "I think in life it doesn’t have to be radical"

Sergio Marone he uses social media to draw attention to his new work, but also to show that he is in top shape at 40 years old. Occasionally, the actor and presenter shows off his healed body in daring photos, and guaranteed to have fun with the comments he receives from the audience that follows him.

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“I like to take care of myself because I feel good, but I don’t feel this responsibility to always be in shape. Read as best I can with the comments. My audience is so polite and dear most of the time… Only once in a while there’s one or another comment that you can’t even classify. It’s normal and, sometimes, we provoke a little too,” laughed Sergio in an interview with “Who” this Sunday (21/11).

He explained that by running the reality show “Masters of Sabotage”, did not hold back and “robbed the pantry” of the chefs. “I didn’t keep the diet. I recorded a month like a madman, I couldn’t train a lot and attacked the pantry all the time to steal white chocolate from the bakery shelf,” he revealed.

I was in the studio all day and needed to make up for it somehow by sending some sugar inside. I think in life it doesn’t have to be radical. It’s important to be disciplined, but once in a while, we can relax too.

About his experience as a presenter, Sergio said he liked it: “It was fantastic. It is a very high level program. I followed the entire pre-production, set team, lighting… I participated a lot in the project and learned a lot in this process. It is a program that is already very successful abroad. It has been in existence for 17 years in the United States and is a success. We managed to print our Brazilian identity without losing its international quality”, he celebrated.

Sergio also spoke about the positions he believes are important and that he shares with his followers on social media. No fear of cancellations, the artist countered comments made by Mario Frias, current secretary of Culture of the Brazilian government, who opposed the Paulo Gustavo Law of encouragement to artists who suffered from the pandemic.

I’m not afraid of cancellation. I think that when we stand with love and truth, there’s nothing to fear. Of course, we run the risk of being misunderstood on social media, but I think we have to take a stand, especially in relation to important and fundamental issues.

He continued: “I don’t feel charged to take a stand. It’s natural. I don’t believe in cancellation, I believe in welcoming. If someone takes a wrong stance, you don’t have to cancel that person, you have to welcome, dialogue, show another side . We are at a time when it is essential to depolarize and recover dialogue.”

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