Sergio Catalán, the heartthrob who left soap operas to sell ice cream

  • Although Sergio Catalán stood out in acting, after being invited to host a program in the United States, he left Mexico.
  • As a result of the restructuring of the channel where he worked, he lost his job, just before the pandemic. By that time, he was already with his family.
  • His business is well received by the public and is located in Santa Clarita, California City.

Several years ago, the face of Sergio Catalán became one of the most common in various Mexican television productions; however, more than a decade later, his presence is almost non-existent on the small screen. For what is this? Turns out the villain of “Benditalie” decided to leave the recording studios to dedicate himself to his business: selling ice cream.

Next, we will tell you what life is like for Jorge San Román Rentería in “Land of passions”, who left Mexico to settle in the United States.


Although Sergio Catalán had a dozen soap operas to his credit, three appearances in television series, a film and a play, He decided to leave everything with his wife, actress Teresa Tuccio, after being invited to lead the program “I have talent, a lot of talent” for the Estrella TV network, a US-Mexican open television network that is broadcast in Spanish.

“As it was a program recorded in California and I lived in Mexico, for ten years I traveled every week, I was happy because it gave me time to record and go see my daughters and not miss anything”told Gossip No Like.

However, when he was told that it was best to settle in the United States to continue with his projects, he spoke with his wife, who did not hesitate for a moment and decided to leave the Aztec country with their two daughters. It was so Three and a half years passed, but just before the pandemic they changed the managers and he lost his job. “I lost my job in a different country”.

The actor and television presenter with his wife Teresa Tuccio (Photo: Sergio Catalán / Instagram)
The actor and television presenter with his wife Teresa Tuccio (Photo: Sergio Catalán / Instagram)


He said, in the same interview, that in this difficult situation he had to choose between two options: return to Mexico or do something different from his career. “So we invested in something and when we decided what we were going to do, I met Marco Andrade, owner of the Michoacanas Premium franchise, and we partnered”said.

He specified that when he started his venture, it was planned for October 2019, but it was postponed to March 2020; however, it came to the pandemic. “The project that I had thought of for only a few months, went on to take a year and a half”counted.

It was so that on May 15, 2021, he opened his “La Michoacana Premium” ice cream shop and ice cream shop, where he offers popsicles, ice creams, ice creams, fresh waters, fruits, juices and much more. His business, which is located in Santa Clarita, California, has become the favorite of the people for the “Mexican” flavors it offers.

In another interview for “El gordo y la flaca”, Sergio pointed out that he is aware of everything. “I am the one who makes the ice cream, I do everything and I am supervising. There are a lot of people who come and know me from soap operas, they get crazy and say: ‘What are you doing here?’”.


Sergio Catalán, before being in charge of “I have talent, a lot of talent”, led a space in Studio 2. He was also in “Giant Saturday”, where he told jokes.

“I didn’t want to go, but when I decided to go, whoever won that week was given the opportunity to appear again. I won 23 weeks”recounted in Gossip No Like.


  • Full name: Sergio Enrique Catalan Rochin
  • Place of birth: San Ignacio, Sinaloa
  • Birthday: April 22
  • Year of birth: 1973
  • Age: 49 years
  • Wife: Theresa Tuccio
  • Sons: Natalie and Juliet
The actor and entrepreneur with his family, who inspires her to move forward (Photo: Sergio Catalán / Instagram)
The actor and entrepreneur with his family, who inspires her to move forward (Photo: Sergio Catalán / Instagram)

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