Serge Gainsbourg: his daughter Charlotte target of a kidnapping … The singer almost committed the irreparable!

Serge Gainsbourg had a life rich in twists and turns. In 1987 as revealed by the report “Secret Archives” broadcast this Friday, May 13, 2022 on France 3, the ex-lover of Brigitte Bardot had the fear of his life. Four young people are arrested by the police for having committed a terrible shooting in Paris. During their interrogation, the latter will make intriguing revelations about him as underlined Gala.

Supporting “Action Directe” (an extreme left-wing terrorist movement, editor’s note), the criminals wanted to strike hard. And for good reason, they had plans to kidnap… Charlotte Gainsbourg, the daughter of the famous singer and Jane Birkin. In the midst of turmoil, the interpreter of “I love you, me neither” would then have contacted Commissioner Jean-Marc Bloch, whom he knew well.

“It was an act of banditry pure and simple…”

“Serge came to see me because I know this anarchist group well for having arrested it. These guys weren’t part of Action Directe at all.”, he said. This track ruled out, the former chief of staff then hastened to reassure the star… Without success. “ It was an act of pure and simple banditry to simply make money. It’s a one-time thing that happens often.”he said. “There was no longer any risk”.

This past event, Serge Gainsbourg had trouble recovering. Exclusively, an audio recording has been unveiled… In a sequence, Gainsbarre openly reveals his feelings: “ The guys from the criminal police put me in the know and told me that there was no longer any danger. There “. Very moved, the famous composer even considered the worst if his daughter Charlotte had been kidnapped: “I think I was there myself. It was me who was there…” More fear than harm…


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