Separation of Pocho Lavezzi and Yanina Screpante: they reveal the true reasons

El “Pocho” Lavezzi and Yanina Screpante have been separated for several years. They both rebuilt their lives and re-formed couples. But so far the true reasons for the break were unknown. At the time, she had said it was because of the years they had spent together and managed to fool everyone.

“The Run Run of the Show” on Chronicle HD revealed the truth about the couple. “Mr.” Pocho “Lavezzi, after having cheated on Yanina Screpante to death he left her accusing her that she was dating his representative “, he claimed Lio Pecoraro.

After revealing the true reasons for the separation, the drivers They claimed that he abandoned her. They were living abroad for the footballer’s job and she had to return to the country with what little she had left.

After a few twists and turns in Justice, they reached an economic agreement in which she justified that she had left her job as a model to accompany him in his career as an athlete around the world.

The “Pocho” Lavezzi and Yanina Screpante when they were a couple.

For the moment, neither of them came out to affirm or deny the facts. We will still have to wait for a response from either party.

Watch the video of the “Run Run of the Show” giving the scoop on the reasons for the split between “Pocho” Lavezzi and Yanina Screpante!

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