Separation from Pepe Cibrián: his environment does not rule out a reconciliation

Pepe Cibrián lived a tense moment in the last hours due to a decompensation after going through a difficult time personally. A few weeks from marrying Nahuel Lodi, the young man was seen in a bowling alley kissing with another manso the actor decided to end the relationship between the two.

As reported the Pavada of Daily Chroniclea close friend of Pepe Cibrianthe director is doing very well in Córdoba, already recovered from the disappointment with his illegal partner Nahuel Lodi, Although no one plays that there is no second round.

In any case, it is clear that it will not be now since the playwright returns to Buenos Aires next week but with other plans. He will accompany the cast of “Dracula” this weekend at the Teatro Del Lago, and plans to attend the shows at the stadium located in Villa Crespo in October.

As for the tour of the show that activated the dollar account of Pepe Cibrian, is ending on November 6. A star like him takes his time, but goes ahead and moves on with “Dorothy”, while reviewing and analyzing what he will do with his personal life and Nahuel Lodi.

Pepe Cibrián and Nahuel Lodi.

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