Separated from Diogo Nogueira, Paolla Oliveira posts a photo in a bikini and declares she misses the singer

Paolla Oliveira and Diogo Nogueira chose Thursday (23) to exchange declarations of love on social networks. On their Instagram profiles, the sambista and the actress published a photo of TBT with a romantic moment of the couple.

The actress chose photos from their trip to Fernando de Noronha. In the images, Paolla appears in a bikini by the sea, while being embraced by Diogo. In the caption, the actress declared her I miss my boyfriendwith whom she already considers herself to be married.

“TBT missing Diogo Nogueira and Noronha”, he wrote.

Diogo, on the other hand, chose photos of the two in an essay. In them, the couple appears in formal clothes: Diogo with a suit and Paolla with a shiny dress.

“TBT to kill the longing for my Flower of Canã”, wrote the sambista. Flor de Caña is the nickname that the singer gave his girlfriend. Even Diogo wrote a song with the same name to Paolla.

Paolla Oliveira plans maternity

The public’s support for a child of the couple is huge. In an interview with the magazine “Ela”, from “O Globo”, Paolla and Diogo revealed that having children, yes, is in the couple’s plans.

“My parents still don’t have grandchildren. I already said that my brother will give first… But we will also give it, I feel this vibration around me”, confessed Paolla.

Paolla Oliveira reflects on Diogo Nogueira’s jealousy

Still in the interview, Paolla and Diogo warded off jealousy and reflected on how trust is the basis of the relationship they build daily. “There’s nothing more important than trust. When trust breaks, there’s no way around it. He goes to the show, and I’m like, ‘Look, who’s going to be in the front row? I want videos!’. We can’t. lose your good mood”, he joked.

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