"separate room", "kicking" : The revelations of Chantal Goya on her relationship with Jean-Jacques Debout!

“Isn’t it the worst trap for lovers to live in peace? », sang Jacques Brel in Song of Old Lovers in 1967, only one year after the marriage of Chantal Goya and Jean-Jacques Debout.

For more than half a century, the interpreter of “Pandi-Panda” and her husband apply the expression “who likes well punishes well” wonderfully. In an interview to be found in the pages of Parisian Friday July 22, 2022, the icon of French song also returned to her marriage with the one who has made her heart beat for almost always!

Indeed, Chantak Goya wanted to deny one of the mocking sentences pronounced by her husband a long time ago who affirmed that when he had met her, she “drank whiskey and smoked a pipe”.

“That’s not true! I have never smoked a cigarette or drank a single drop of alcohol in my life.”, she quickly assured. And to add: “But often, I kicked him out of my bed! » And for good reason, as the regional daily specifies, the couple has been in a “separate room” for many years.

Love, always there!

If Chantal Goya willingly referred to her husband during this interview, the latter does not hesitate either when he lends himself to the same exercise as his dear and tender.

In an interview given to France Sunday in March 2022, Jean-Jacques Debout had indeed also mentioned his couple: “I ran into an angel. Since we don’t see each other all the time, because I don’t accompany him to all his galas, we miss each other and that’s wonderful! I never got bored with her”he had declared… What to believe in love with a capital A.

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