Seoni News: Suspects caught in CCTV theft in five shops of Budhwari Bazar

Seoni (Rep. of New Zealand). Unknown thieves broke into five shops of the city’s main Budhwari market last night. The thieves who entered inside by breaking the shutter of the shops with the jack or any other tool installed in the car have cleaned their hands on the material kept here. Some suspicious persons have come to the fore in the pictures of the CCTV camera. In this case, the Kotwali police has started investigating the unknown thieves. At the same time, the shopkeepers were stirred by the theft in the shops of the main market. Despite the closure of most of the shops in the market on the weekly holiday on Saturday, the incident made the traders worried.

Dog Squad reached the spot to investigate: On Saturday morning, police force of Kotwali along with dog squad and forensic team reached the spot after getting information about the incident of theft by breaking the shutters of shops of Budhwari Bazar in the city. The police is actively searching for the unknown thieves. According to the shopkeepers, the suspect thief and a car (SUB) are visible in the CCTV footage. Police is investigating in the matter.

Took away the laptop and LED of the accounting book: Unknown thieves entered Vinay Sales by breaking the shutter, took away the laptop of the customers and company’s accounting and a big LED TV kept here. However, the thieves did not get the cash here. The thieves broke into the shutter of the Bajhal medical store and entered but could not take anything. Apart from this, thieves entered inside by breaking the shutters in Rajesh Grocery, Siddhi Grain Store and Textile Shop. Thieves stole some pair of blazer, sherwani and other clothes from the cloth shop. On the other hand, Siddhi stole groceries and cash worth 10 to 15 thousand from the grain store.

Questions arising on patrol: After the break of the shops of Budhwari Bazaar, located some distance from the Kotwali police station, questions are being raised on the night patrol of the Kotwali police. Incidents of snatching cash and mobile handsets from passengers in government and private bus stands are being said to happen every day. People say that even in this case the police is not taking any serious action.

ASP reached Kotwali: After the theft incident in Budhwari market shops, ASP SK Maravi reached Kotwali police station on Saturday afternoon and took stock of the situation. Staying in the Kotwali for about one and a half to two hours, the ASP understood the whole incident as a sequence. At the same time, after examining the footage, instructions were given to the subordinate staff to trace the thieves.

In five shops, unknown thieves have tried to carry out the crime by breaking the shutters. The thieves could not take anything from the two shops. Laptops from one shop, clothes worth 5 to 7 thousand from one shop, cash and some materials have been stolen from another shop around 15 thousand rupees. It is hoped that the thieves will be caught soon.

SK Maravi, ASP Seoni.

Information about some suspicious persons and a suspicious car has come to the fore in the footage. But nothing can be said about this as of now, investigation is going on in the matter.

Mahadev Nagotia, Kotwali police station in-charge.

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