Seoni News: If the railway line is laid till Katangi, then Seoni will be connected directly to Nagpur, soon the survey work will be done

Seoni (Rep. of New Zealand). In the Mandla-Nainpur-Seoni-Chhindwara project, the residents who are eagerly waiting for the completion of the remaining work between Seoni to Chaurai may soon get the gift of Seoni-Katangi new railway line. The survey will be started soon by the Railways. After the survey, if it is decided to lay Seoni-Katangi railway line, then Seoni will be directly connected to Nagpur and Balaghat as well as Seoni station will become a junction station.

Distance by road is 50 km: The distance from Seoni to Katangi by road is only 50 km. There is a direct road from Seoni to Katangi via Amagarh, Ari, Gangersa. Katangi is connected to Balaghat by rail, while there is a rail route from Katangi to Tirodi, Itwani (Nagpur) via Tumsar. Seoni residents will get direct benefit if Seoni-Katangi rail line is laid. There will be a direct rail route from Seoni to Balaghat and Nagpur. People will be able to travel directly from here to Balaghat and Nagpur.

Survey has already been done: Survey has been done in the past for Seoni-Katangi railway line. This survey was rejected by the Railways. Actually, a 90 km route was made from Seoni to Katangi in the survey. From where this route was shown, it has not been revealed yet. After this, MP Dr. Dhal Singh Bisen tried again and informed the Railway Minister about the situation and requested to conduct the survey again. On the instructions of the Railway Minister, a fresh survey was ordered.

The survey for the new railway line between Seoni-Katangi is going to start soon. If this rail line is laid then Seoni will be directly connected to Nagpur and Balaghat.

Dr. Dhal Singh Bisen, MP

awareness rally for dengue

Seoni (Rep. of New Zealand). An awareness rally was taken out from the district hospital premises for the prevention of dengue to Gurswar. CMHO Dr Rajesh Srivastava flagged off the rally. Civil surgeons Dr Vinodav Navkar, Smrita Namdev, Ramji Bhalavi, Dr P Surya, Dr Deepak Agnihotri, Shanti Daharwal, Sanjay Dubey were present in the rally. The main objective of the awareness rally is to create awareness among the people so that diseases like dengue, malaria and chikungunya can be avoided. It is to be known that there have been about 75 dengue patients in the district. Dengue patients are continuously coming to the fore in the district. The Health Department claims that spraying is also being done. Special care is being taken in rural areas.

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