Seoni News: If the electricity bill is not deposited, then the villagers are getting upset for the electricity and water

Seoni (Rep. of New Zealand). The people of the village situated at the mouth of Bhimgarh dam are getting desperate for water in the month of Bhadon. In fact, due to non-payment of electricity bill, the electricity distribution company disconnected the electricity connection of the Gram Panchayat Gangai Rayyat, after which now the population of three and a half thousand is suffering for water. There is no water in the village since last seven days. Now the villagers are left dependent on a few hand pumps in the village.

Water is not coming for seven days: Water of Nal Jal Yojana is not coming in Gangai Raiyat since last one week. The Gram Panchayat has not deposited the electricity bill of about 70 thousand rupees due to the Naljal Yojana, after which the company disconnected the connection of the Nal Jal Yojana last week. Now the villagers are facing problems due to non-availability of water. There are two or three hand pumps in the village whose water is being filled by the villagers. The sarpanch says that she has been asking her secretary to recover the water bill for a long time. There are more than one hundred connections in the village, in which 60 rupees are charged every month, the bill has not been recovered for many months.

I had earlier asked the secretary for recovery but the panchayat did not recover the water tax due to which the bill could not be deposited.

Princess Kakodia, Sarpanch.

The matter is not under my knowledge. I’m gonna show it. Every effort will be made that the villagers should not be disturbed.

Lokesh Narnore, CEO, Janpad Panchayat Chapra.

648.9 mm average rainfall in the district so far

Suture. According to the information received from the land records, from June 1 to September 11, 648.9 mm of average rainfall has been recorded in total 8 development blocks of the district. In Seoni 787.3 mm, Kurai 741.0 mm, Barghat 829.4 mm, Keolari 706.0 mm, Chhapara 551.8 mm, Lakhnadaun 492.5 mm, Dhanaura 482.7 mm, Ghansaur 601.0 mm year has been recorded. Thus a total rainfall of 5191.7 mm has been recorded this year, which is 4065.0 mm less than the 9256.7 mm recorded during last year.

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