Seoni News: Greenery rained heavily in the yellowing paddy

Seoni (Rep. of New Zealand). Due to the re-activation of monsoon, greenery and freshness have come in the yellowing paddy in the fields. Badals have camped in the district for the past one week. According to the warning of the Meteorological Department, from around 3 pm on Friday, rain started in rural areas including the district headquarters. One hour of torrential rain at the headquarters drenched the city with water. Due to heavy rains, a situation of waterlogging has been created in Budhwari market of the city. However, shortly after the rain stopped, the water accumulated on the road in front of Budhwari complex subsided. But the water left the dirt brought with it from the drains in the road itself. Due to this, the shopkeepers and those operating the handcart on the footpath had to face problems.

Faces of farmers blossomed by good rains – active monsoon rains are happening everywhere in the district. The faces of the farmers have blossomed due to this. Due to lack of irrigation, the crops drying up due to lack of irrigation have been revived by the rain. Farmers are hopeful of getting the crop ripe once again. However, the production will be affected by abnormal rainfall. Apart from Seoni, good rains have also been recorded in Bandol, Kanhiwada, Keolari, Dhanaura, Lakhnadaun, Ghansor, Kurai, Chhapara and Barghat. Due to the rain in the last one week, the average rainfall figure has also increased.

Development block wise rainfall status: According to the land records, 640.9 mm average year has been recorded in 8 development blocks of the district from June 1 to September 10. Seoni 756.7 mm, Kurai 730.0 mm, Barghat 822.4 mm, Keolari 706.0 mm, Chhapara 551.8 mm, Lakhnadaun 491.0 mm, Dhanaura 479.7 mm, Ghansaur 590.0 mm of rain have been recorded. A total of 5127.4 mm of rainfall was recorded this year, which is 4095.1 mm less than the 9222.7 mm rainfall recorded during last year.

Rain water filling the houses of the village

In Khirka Mohalla and Ojhatola of Chhitapar village near Bhoma, rain water is entering the houses of the residents. Actually, both the populated areas are settled on the part of the slope below the hill. Here the Panchayat has got the construction of a pucca road done, but the drain has not been constructed to drain the water. Due to this, the water of the hilly area flowing in the road enters the houses adjacent to the road in heavy rains. Gulab Singh, Ramkishore Sarayam, Mukesh Vanshkar, Sushil Ahirwar, Pradeep Dhurve, Nankishore Chandravanshi, Shivnandan, Jhadulal, Ramadhar, Lekhram Chandravanshi, Ramdayal, Naresh Chandravanshi, Naresh Daheria etc. of the village say that their problems are not being addressed by the Panchayat. Used to be. At the same time, the sarpanch of village Khamaria says that the drain could not be constructed due to complaints received by the LNT company while laying the pipeline. In the hilly area, the bund has been done by the private land owner. Due to this, water from the slope enters the houses while flowing in the road.

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