Seoni News: Diseases spreading in paddy crop, farmers should take measures

Seoni (Rep. of New Zealand). The delay in monsoon and fluctuating mercury is affecting the crops. Infestations of various types of pests are being seen in other crops including paddy. NK Singh, head of Krishi Vigyan Kendra and senior agronomist said that these days the problem of lye bursting in paddy crop is being told by the farmers, which is called virtual tuber disease. To prevent this, it is necessary to spray insecticide on the crop. At the same time, outbreaks of sheathblade disease are being seen in some areas. Which can be controlled by spraying insecticides. At the same time, information about the twisting of new leaves of papaya and sudden drying of papaya plants has also been given by the farmers. It is called root rot disease in papaya. To prevent this, farmers should make a solution of Fexaconazole 2 mg per liter of water and spray it at an interval of one month. It is necessary to spray this medicine regularly for eight months. For a large plant, at least five to six liters of drug-containing solution should be sprayed in and around the soil. It is also necessary to spray other medicines as well. Paddy crop has been planted in about 1.75 lakh hectare area in the district. At the same time, maize crop is also planted in about 2 lakh hectares. To protect crops from pests, farmers are now facing the problem of shortage of fertilizers and pesticides.

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