Seoni ANM Video Viral News: Seoni anm injected vaccine without mask, got angry on question, says put video to collector and cm put video


  • A video of ANM from Seoni district of MP went viral
  • ANM is stirring up people in the viral video
  • Vaccines were being given to people without masks at the vaccination center
  • When the villagers interrupted, the female ANM got furious

A video of ANM Video Viral in Seoni district of MP (Madhya Pradesh News Video) is viral. Seeing the attitude of madam in the viral video, good people will be scared. ANM engaged in vaccination work without wearing a mask is threatening people for interrupting. Also talking about getting them directly inside. Fearlessly ANM is threatening people to send the video to the collector and CM. The video of ANM threatening on social media is now viral.

Actually, the vaccination campaign was going on in Chhatarpur village of Kanhiwada Health Center in Seoni district. The villagers reached the Vaccine Center to get the vaccine dose. Yogita Mishra, a female health worker working here, was administering the vaccine to people without wearing a mask. The villagers urged them to put on a mask first. After saying this, the ANM got furious. After that, he started telling lies to the villagers. When the people of the village started making videos of it, she left the seat and got up.

send to CM and collector
The female health worker kept telling people that don’t teach us the rules, get out of here. If you have a problem then go from here. During this, she was shouting and asking people that who else is having trouble here. You make a video, whatever you want to make, make it. The ANM said that even to put, where to put, put it. Put the CM in and put the collector.

will get inside
Tamamate ANM was stirring up the people in a tremendous way. She was saying that you guys are making a spectacle here. During this, when someone gave some answer, the ANM got furious. Told that person that hey, talk in a manner. I’ll get it straight in. During this, the female health worker was asking about the person who argued, what is his name.

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