Senna (Secret Story) transformed: 180 ° turn, new life with her son who has grown up!

After three successful seasons, TF1 is launching a fourth edition of Secret Story in 2010. Among the personalities who have marked the cast, are the big winner Benoit Dubois, his sidekick Thomas Vitiello, the Belgian Amélie Neten, the superb brunette with blue eyes Julie Ricci or Senna, charming half-breed. Eleven years later, the seducer of the House of Secrets has taken a completely different path, far from reality TV.

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On the air, Senna presented himself as a professional basketball player in Division 2 in the Charleroi development, also playing in the Belgian team. Then, alongside his participation in Reality tv angels (season 1 in 2011), he tries a modeling career in the United States and shoots his very first music video, Clap your hands, on Miami Beach. Today, rhinestones and sequins are behind him: Senna is now an entrepreneur in the construction field, as he announced in bio on his Instagram account. Indeed, he works as a roofer, namely a worker who makes or repairs the roofs of houses.

Already in 2014, the former tenant of the Maison des secrets revealed to our colleagues from the magazine Closer to have reconverted. At the time, Senna had found a job in a company specializing in industrial cleaning and hazardous waste. “I wanted to have a ‘real’ job. It’s very physical, it’s hard, but every day I’m happy to go to work“he had said so. He who had indicated that he had”lost“in reality TV has returned to a simpler way of life, in particular for his son, Isaïah, now 7 years old, and born of his past loves with Elodie, his ex-partner whom he had abused.

On social networks, Senna shares some complicit photos with the young boy, adorable brown with curly hair. For its part, the ex-companion of Amélie Neten displays a new look. Exit the short cut of the time of Secret Story, now he is letting his hair grow … and even his beard! New job, new look and new life for Senna.

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