Senate, the 5-star Gianluca Ferrara renounces running to lead the Foreign Affairs commission: “The mud machine is against me”

Burned even before getting to the vote. The 5-star candidate for the presidency of the Foreign Affairs commission Gianluca Ferrara has decided to withdraw from the race. “In respect of the values ​​of the M5s that does not crave for armchairs and for the good of my political force”, he declared in a note, “given the mud machine that has set in motion towards me, I choose not to run for president of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Senate. I will continue to carry out my work in the Commission with fairness and a sense of responsibility as I have done in recent years “.

Ferrara, elected in 2018 in the Tuscan district and former leader of the M5s group in the Foreign Affairs committee, was indicated last night by the 5 stars as a substitute for Vito Petrocelli. And at first he had also gotten the go-ahead of the Democratic party. But his candidacy lasted less than 24 hours. The controversy began immediately and targeted some of Ferrara’s past stances. In particular, some posts on Facebook, relaunched by the Adnkronos agency, and which dated back to when he had not yet been elected. In 2017, for example, he defined US presidents from Carter to Obama as “the worst terrorists the world has hosted in the last 100 years”; in April of the same year he spoke of the “criminal hypocrisy” of the United States in Syria. In a post dating back to 2017, he pointed the finger at the expansionism of the Atlantic Alliance towards the East. Also in 2016 the exponent M5s – who is also the author of the essay “Empire of Evil: Truman’s Hidden Crimes to Trump” – signed an intervention against the permanence of Italy in the Atlantic Alliance. On 17 June 2019, already as a senator, he instead published a video shot in the “mythical” Red Square in Moscow, as part of a mission organized by the Senate Foreign Affairs Commission on Russian soil. In that case he speaks of the “stop sanctions on Russia that damage our small and medium-sized companies”.

This is the “mud machine” that is accused by Ferrara. However, the doubt raised by some M5s is that it was friendly fire. “Everyone knew that Ferrara it would inevitably be burned for his past “, a 5-star senator told LaPresse,” but in reality they want to pave the way as president for Ettore Licheri, wanted by Giuseppe Conte “. This reconstruction is also confirmed by other majority sources. Between the buvette and the hall of Palazzo Madama, many senators agree on the “friendly fire” of the cinquestelle which has effectively shot down Ferrara’s candidacy for the post-Petrocelli. “Killed a natural candidate, but embarrassing for his positions, the match will be between Contiano Licheri and the dimaiana Nocerino”, said a center-right senator also in LaPresse, however doubting the fact that the presidency certainly remains in hand to the Movement: “Who said that it is up to them?”. Even this is not to be taken for granted, according to the same 5 stars. The M5s should confirm all the outgoing commissioners (Ferrara, Nocerino and Taverna) to which the replacements of Petrocelli and Alberto Airola (which will pass to another commission): one should be Licheri while the other name is still uncertain.

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