Selvaggia Lucarelli, the last meeting with her mother: “She was looking for air. I never wanted that to be the last image I have of her.”

“We are so used to the exploitation of pain transformed in a few seconds into claims, positioning and fertilizer for one’s brand that if one dares to leave it in a room, without showing it off and waving it, one is held up as a cynic”. Wild Lucarelli in recent days has been affected by disappearance of mother Nadia, suffering from Alzheimer’s and died after contracting Covid. Social media, however, shows its worst side even in similar circumstances, as the journalist has been inundated with unsolicited comments on how to handle pain.

SELVAGGIA LUCARELLI ANSWERS THE CRITICISM OF CLEMENTE MIMUN – In fact, Lucarelli’s decision to take part in the episode of dancing with the Stars on Saturday 19 November, despite the fact that my mother had passed away a few hours earlier. Choice that was even judged by Clement Mimunwho saw fit to tweet: “When my mother died ‘Speciale tg1’ (for which I was responsible) was not broadcast”. Interviewed by Corriere, the journalist replied: “I really don’t understand what reason there is to claim one’s own way of experiencing pain. Are you better than me? More sensitive? More in tune with suffering? I repeat: everyone must be free to live it as he wishes”.

MOMMA NADIA’S ILLNESS – As said mother Nadia was long time suffering from Alzheimer’s, which is why Lucarelli explains how he had already somehow said goodbye to her when he stopped recognizing her. That day came two years ago, “when we lost her soul. The body remained, a few smiles, a few looks in which we seemed to see a memory, a glow. The real goodbye was when I looked into her eyes and realized that she no longer recognized me. And it was more painful than yesterday’s goodbye to the body,” she commented.

THE LAST MEETING WITH THE MOTHER – The reporter is also saddened by the memory of the last meeting with her mother last week. Images that now continually recur in her head in all their drama: “Although he was on a respirator he was looking for oxygen, air. And I never wanted that to be the last image I have of my mother. I can’t get it out of my head, but it’s actually okay, because it reminds me indelibly what it means to die of Covid even today “. She is also saddened by the observation that mother Nadia fought throughout her life to allow people to leave this world without unnecessary suffering: “She was a convinced radical, she demonstrated, she held banquets in Civitavecchia for the referendums and she always fought for a law on euthanasia in the years when the subject was not yet mainstream. For me it was further suffering having seen that at a certain point it would be a relief for her to leave a little earlier, before that hunger for air. Everything she wouldn’t have wanted has happened, the last two weeks have been agony ”admitted Selvaggia Lucarelli, who is preparing to say a last goodbye to her mother on Tuesday 22 November, when the funeral will be celebrated of her in Imperia.

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