Self-service electric scooters in Paris, will it soon be over?

The end of self-service electric scooters in Paris may be near. According to our colleagues from BFMseveral groups of elected officials from the Ile-de-France want to regulate, or even completely ban, the 15,000 scooters in the capital.

1.2 million self-service scooter users in Paris

A practice deemed too dangerous

Present in the streets of Paris since 2018, electric scooters continue to impose themselves in the public space, to the chagrin of certain elected officials, groups of citizens and users.
Left and center elected officials demand that the contracts with Lime, Tier and Dott not be renewed in February 2023, denouncing excessively dangerous uses.

Because it is true that electric scooters pose real safety problems: increase in the number of accidents, awkward parking, traffic on sidewalks, non-compliance with the Highway Code, driving speed, etc.

According to David Belliard, deputy mayor responsible for transport, “accidents have increased by 189% since 2019”. In total, 337 injury accidents were recorded between January and August 2022. And what is even more worrying is that according to a study carried out by the University Gustave Eiffel, accident users present in the majority of cases (37%) significant injuries to the head and face.

Better supervision of uses

Right-wing elected officials, for their part, want better supervision of uses. Several possibilities, as is the case in other European cities, are thus available to operators:

  • Install a registration on each scooter to facilitate verbalizations;
  • Put in place tools preventing scooters from being started if several users are detected;
  • Systematically ask for the driver’s identity document to ensure their age;
  • Extend the 10 km/h restricted zones;
  • Provide users with helmets;
  • Set up specific parking areas for scooters.

A question raised at the Council of Paris

Last September, the municipality issued an ultimatum regarding the renewal of the contracts. If the operators do not provide “proposals for innovation and development of the service on the occupation of public space and security”, scooters will be banned from public space. The operators, alarmed, submitted a report to the elected officials to put forward their arguments. But will they be enough?

The Paris Council will discuss this thorny issue this week. While waiting for the end of contracts or the introduction of new regulations, all elected officials are calling for increased controls, fines and awareness of the Highway Code.

A few essential rules

Let’s remember a few essential rules for the safety of all road users:

  • Minors are not allowed to use an electric scooter;
  • It is forbidden to use a scooter with others;
  • It is mandatory to wear a helmet;
  • Respect the rules of the road ;
  • Do not drive while drunk or inebriated;
  • Do not use your phone while driving.


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