Seine: the aquatic animal "unusual" spotted in the river would be a beluga

By Graziella L. Posted Aug 4, 2022 12:49 AM

After the orca who died in the Seine, the Eure prefecture has just spotted a new “unusual aquatic animal” in the Seine, of medium build, which seems to be a beluga, according to the first identifications.

In May 2022, an orca was spotted in the Seine, and led to an impressive rescue attempt. Unfortunately, the animal, too sick, was found dead a few days later, near Le Havre. Since then, a whale had also been seen, but had been able to go back to the sea alone. This Tuesday, August 2, 2022, a new aquatic animal”unusual just noticed in the Seinein the department of Eure.

The prefecture of the department indicated that it was under increased surveillance. According to several photographs, it would be a belugafar fromarctic waters where it usually evolves. Of medium build, the animal is currently evolving into a shallow area. State services ask residents and curious people not to go into contact with him or to try to approach him, at the risk “to accentuate his confusionn” and reduce its chances of survival.

These unusual presences have been increasing for several months. Why do these marine animals that never leave the high seas find themselves stuck in the Seine more and more often? A question that specialists may be able to answer thanks to the autopsy of the deceased orca.

An orca is stuck in the Seine, what are its chances of survival?An orca is stuck in the Seine, what are its chances of survival?An orca is stuck in the Seine, what are its chances of survival? Killer whale in the Seine: reward of 10,000 euros to identify the person who shot the animal
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