Sehore News: With four drains and a culvert broken in a four-km road, the road turns into potholes

Sehore (Navdunia representative). If you want to see how the unpaved road becomes a problem in the rain, then go to Kadrabad Mukhtarnagar. The pain of the villagers getting upset due to the assurance of the public representatives and the attitude of the officers was visible. The villagers are tolerant of the rain, but due to lack of road, many daughters and injured children and elderly children are demanding road construction. On Friday, the villagers said, will the public representatives and officers build a pucca road after knowing our lives?

Village Kadarabad to Shyampur main road The villagers of Khandwa, Sarkheda, Rawankheda, Kadrabad, Mukhtarnagar have to come and go from the unpaved road of Mukhtayar Nagar. The promises of development in this area prove to be false. Although the villagers have given in writing to the Collector, SDM, Tehsildar, MLA, MP even for road construction many times, but no one is ready to listen. Every year the unpaved trail road gets filled with mud swamps in the rain. The rain water also takes the form of a pond on the road. Ambulance fire brigade Janani Suraksha vehicles completely stop coming to the village. The road is so bad that to reach Shyampur, villagers have to travel 15 kms. Tractors get stuck in the unpaved road. Riding a bike is equivalent to risking one’s life. In the past years, many sick women, elderly children, have died due to bad roads and not getting timely treatment. The situation is such that even the villagers are not able to go to the market to sell their produce. There is water on the unpaved road. There is also the fear of poisonous insects. Last year one person died while crossing this road.

Four km road connects four villages

See the luck of the villagers of village Kadrabad Mukhtayar Nagar, the raw road connecting these four villages Khandwa, Sarkheda, Rawankheda, Kadrabad Mukhtarnagar to Shyampur has also not been included in the Prime Minister’s road scheme. The distance of the entire route is four kilometers and there are four drains and a culvert in this path which is also completely broken. The road is always a source of trouble. Rural Chitar Bhai, Devendra Nagesh, Kalim Uddin, Dharmendra, Bane Singh, Hanik Bhai, Sabeer Bhai, Mujim Bhai, Hanit Bhai, Sheik Uddin, Gurukan Bhai, Fazruddin, Arif Bhai, Raju Bhai, Mukesh Meena said that many times to the administration Have requested. Have told the problem, but no one has come to see the public representatives come during the elections and the officers keep on tricking them. Due to which the villagers are now fed up with the local public representatives and officials and have made up their mind to go to the Chief Minister’s residence.

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