Sehore News: Four destitute cattle killed in collision with unknown vehicle, bike riders also injured villagers jammed

Budni (Navdunia News). On Sunday, once again on the Bhopal-Nagpur National Highway, four destitute cattle died after being hit by an unknown vehicle. Angry villagers blocked the road. Apart from the administrative officers, some police personnel also reached the spot and started the traffic after persuading the villagers. Such incidents increase during the rainy season. The main reason for this is the negligence of the animal owners and the negligence of the local bodies. These days, hundreds of herds are standing here and there on every road connected to the city, which poses a danger to both the cattle and the driver.

Hundreds of cattle are seen these days on the roads leading from the city to Bhopal, Ichhawar, Shyampur and Ashta. At a distance of 40 km between Sehore to Ashta, more than 200 cattle are sitting on the roads these days. At the same time, about 150 cattle are sitting on Ichhawar Road, similarly the same number of cattle are sitting on Shyampur and Bhopal Road. This causes problems for the drivers. Sometimes these cattle come in front of vehicles fighting or running. Which causes accidents. Due to this many times the cattle get injured and sometimes the driver of the vehicle. Sometimes people’s vehicles are also damaged. Due to which they also suffer financial loss.

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Accidents happen during the day when cattle suddenly come in front of the vehicle on the road. So during the night, the cattle standing on the road are not visible to the drivers. Due to which when the vehicle comes very close, the drivers lose control of the vehicles in the pursuit of saving the cattle or sometimes the vehicles get uncontrolled and overturn. Along with this, when the drivers are unable to stop the vehicle, the vehicles collide with the cattle and they die or they get injured. To make the cattle drivers standing on the roads visible at night, many social service organizations and RTOs apply radium on their horns. Due to which the horns start shining from a distance and the accident is averted.

Road is also bad with vehicles

Work is underway to build a national highway from Bhopal to Nagpur. Last year, the new bridge of Gunjari Nala situated between Gadaria Nala of Budni and Gram Panchayat Joshipur-Bagwara was submerged in the back water of Narmada. The traffic has been changed on Budni Shahganj road from Gunjari Nallah to Bagwara, which is being demolished and rebuilt in a hurry. As the road is narrow, it has become very dilapidated due to heavy traffic pressure. Due to which accidents are happening day by day, Deepak Yadav, Pradeep Yadav, Abhishek etc., residents of Bagwara, told that there have been big potholes on Shahganj Budni road. From above, the traffic going from Bhopal to Nagpur is being removed from this road. Due to which accidents are happening almost every day, till the new road is not built, the traffic should be closed. Otherwise a big accident can happen at any time. About two months ago, the car collided with the divider on the new road near the Gadaria drain. Last week, cattle were killed in a vehicle collision near the Narmada Bridge. Similarly, on Sunday morning, four cattle were badly crushed by an unknown vehicle on the road near village Bagwara bus stand. Due to which he died a painful death on the spot. Angry over the incident, villagers blocked traffic on the road. On receiving the information, SDM Shailendra Hinotia and Tehsildar Ashutosh Sharma reached the spot and explained to the villagers and got the carcasses of the cows lifted from the spot. During this, the bike rider crashed after about an hour from the spot. Due to which the child sitting on the bike and the bike driver got injured. Villagers called 108 ambulances and took the injured to the hospital.

Villagers have made speed breakers

Cattle died in an unidentified vehicle collision. On getting information, they reached the spot. Villagers have demanded to make speed breakers. At the same time, an appeal has been made by the administration to the villagers not to leave their pet animals on the road.

Ashutosh Sharma, Tehsildar

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