seema rezai forced to flee afghanistan

The fear of the Taliban is completely overshadowed in Afghanistan. Under the Talibani rule, the life of common people is haram, but the most danger is to those women who want to live their dreams. One of them is boxer Seema Rezai. Seema, who was part of the national team, was dreaming of an Olympic medal before the coup, but now she has to leave her own country and flee.

Taliban sent death message

The Taliban had announced death for him if he continued boxing. She had told about this in a recent interview – When the Taliban captured Kabul, I was training with my coach. Some people told the Taliban that a girl was training with a male coach. After this the Taliban threatened me to stop training or else I would be killed.

hope from america

After this Rezai decided to leave Afghanistan to pursue his dream. She has now reached Qatar. There she is waiting for an American visa. Seema, who started her boxing career at the age of 16, hopes to make a boxing career in the US.

taliban decree

The Taliban has issued a decree that only women will be able to go to school or work outside, which will run according to the rules of the Saria. That is, it is necessary for women to wear hijab and veil in every aspect. The Taliban had also called women’s cricket against Islam.

Seema’s training video

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