See what the critics say about Mundo Estranho; new disney movie

About to debut in Brazilian cinemas, Mundo Estranho is already starting to receive the first reviews. But after all: what do the reviews reveal about the new Disney movie? Initial reactions are mostly positive. In other words: everything indicates that Mundo Estranho will become another great success on the big screen.

“The Clade family is not like the others! They are adventurers who break new ground and embark on a quest to explore a bizarre world. However, the differences between family members can put the mission at risk”, states the official synopsis of Mundo Estranho.

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The voice cast of Strange World is led by Jake Gyllenhaal (Spider-Man: Far From Home), Dennis Quaid (Operation Cupid), Gabrielle Union (She’s All That), Lucy Liu (Charlie’s Angels) and Jaboukie Young-White (Only Murders in the Building).

We reveal below what the first reviews say about Strange World, the new Disney movie; check out.

Critics approved of Mundo Estranho’s plot and style

As mentioned above, the first critical reviews of Mundo Estranho are mostly positive.

The film has yet to hit theaters, but it already has a 73% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes, a great mark.

One of the most relevant reviews produced by the site The Hollywood Reporterstates that Mundo Estranho “has everything to become a new classic”.

The magazine Variety he mainly praised the aesthetics and characterization of the characters in Mundo Estranho.

“Along with the setting, it’s the characters that make this adventure so vibrant. In the style of ‘Journey to the Center of the Earth’, Mundo Estranho is a colorful and diverse film, in the best possible ways”, states the review.

The website The Los Angeles Times cited Dennis Quaid and Jake Gyllenhaal’s family dynamic as one of the film’s high points.

“Mundo Estranho tackles interesting father-son relationships, as well as the idea of ​​legacy, all with a surprising ecological twist,” comments the review.

The review of looper spares no praise for Mundo Estranho. The review highlights the great message of the story.

“Mundo Estranho offers entertainment and inspiration. It’s possible that people will leave this movie caring more about each other and the planet.”

The few negative reviews, on the other hand, criticize Mundo Estranho’s pace and some problems with the script.

“The clumsy script feels like it’s been written and rewritten to the point of incomprehensibility, spoiling any chance of getting a message across. As well-intentioned as it is, the film ends up being a surprisingly boring experience. The Guardian🇧🇷

In Brazil, Mundo Estranho hits theaters on November 24. The film will also be available soon on Disney+. Click here to subscribe to the platform.

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