SEE THE LIST: The celebrities voted for the local elections

On 16 November, the Danes will go to the polls.

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This also applies to the well-known, so below we have gathered the well-known Danes who would like to publish where they already have or intend to put their tick.

‘The Great Baking Contest’ star Rosa Kildahl

Skive Municipality – Central Jutland Region

“I have some principles that I would rather vote for a local politician if there is one I can vouch for and that is usually there. I also wish it was a woman. Then I would also like to vote liberally if possible, but that is not so crucial when it comes to municipal politics. So I vote for the Liberal lady Goska Rasmussen (V), who lives here in Glyngøre. I also voted for her in the last election, and I think she has done very well. “

“I am voting in the same way for the regional council elections, but I do not know the candidates so thoroughly. But there is a fairly local graduate where I know the family and then it is important that she is a woman. Her name is Betina Bugge (V). “

TV host Bubber

Gentofte Municipality – Capital Region

“I am very humanistic and have my convictions that we need to take care of the environment and make sure that the masks in society are not so big that people fall through. Injustice and inequality are the biggest problem we face. But at the same time, I hate that the tax burden is so high and that there is so much incompetence in the political world. But I do not vote blank, because then the vote only goes to the largest parties, and that’s not exactly cool either. I have to compromise and then think about the future and my children. “

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‘Year 0’ star Rachel Ellebye

Copenhagen Municipality – Capital Region

»I am voting on the Unity List for the local elections and on SF for the regional elections. I have chosen to vote personally this year, just as I did in the parliamentary elections in 2019. I vote for parties that focus on climate, environment and young people’s well-being, and I am very much looking forward to having to vote! “

Actress Pia Rosenbaum.

Actress Pia Rosenbaum.
Photo: Nikolai Linares

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Actress Pia Rosenbaum

Frederiksberg Municipality – Capital Region

“Of course I vote, and even though I live in a conservative municipality, I could not dream of anything other than voting red – I will say no more, because it is a private matter.”

Designer Jim Lyngvild

Faaborg-Midtfyn Municipality – Region of Southern Denmark

“In fact, I often vote blank, because I change my mind as the wind blows. But I think you have to vote. “

“But now I have a party in mind and that is Conservatives. I am a personal friend of Thomas Ingemansen (K) from Faaborg, so my choice will be him, but it is more the party I vote for. I have been a member of the Conservatives for four years, and I signed up in his time because I thought they were the ones who could do the least harm, because they were so small, but that has changed since then. Now they have muscles, so it may well be that I have to look for new pastures, because it’s most fun to vote for someone who is upwind and needs my voice. “

“For the Regional Council election, I am voting for Stephanie Lose (V) because she is absolutely amazing. She is so boring that you are dying to look at her, but she is so talented. “

Cookbook author Louisa Lorang

Copenhagen Municipality – Capital Region

‘I vote to that extent. I’m not super political, but I can reveal that I’m voting for a party with a good environmental policy. Which I do not share. “

Asger Aamund, business leader and debater.

Asger Aamund, business leader and debater.
Photo: Thomas Lekfeldt

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Businessman Asger Aamund

Gentofte Municipality – Capital Region

»It was the former mayor Hans Toft for the Regional Council. And then I think that Nye Borgerlige should have a chance in municipal politics. “

‘The Young Mothers’ participant Luna Munk

Randers Municipality – Central Jutland Region

“I voted by mail on Thursday, when I should have sat all day as an election officer. Unfortunately, we were affected by communicable diseases at home. But of course I vote for my own party, the Welfare List here in Randers, which I am also drawn for here for the local elections. I vote for the list, as we are on the list, and for me it is about us having the greatest possible influence in Randers and being able to help most citizens. “

“For the Regional Council election, I voted for the Communists. I used to vote for the Unity List, but I can no longer support a party that supports our government as they do. “

Actress Merete Mærkedahl

Lejre Municipality – Region Zealand

»I have voted for two candidates from SF who both want to fight for the key issues that I think are really important right now: Climate, better standards in children’s institutions, shorter school days, abolition of national tests, focus on gaining an understanding of the individual people back in the public sector as well as trust rather than control. “

Actor Claes Bang.

Actor Claes Bang.
Photo: Mathias Svold

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Actor Claes Bang

Frederiksberg Municipality – Capital Region

‘I’m in England and arrived late at the embassy to vote by post. Really bad and a bit sloppy on my part. “

Jewelry designer Mai Manniche

Gentofte Municipality – Capital Region

“Of course I vote – it is our responsibility in a democracy that we take a stand and put a cross among those with whom we share values ​​and who we believe in relation to the fact that they will fight to create the framework for the best society and the community. I am voting for the Liberal Alliance. “

‘I do not give a penny to those who do not vote and say there is no one who has the same values, it is too stupid to say. One must find those who have the most common values ​​with oneself and then accept some differences. It’s not OK to vote. “

DJ and radio host Dan Rachlin

Hørsholm Municipality – Capital Region

»I vote for Hørsholm’s conservative mayor Morten Slotved (K). Notwithstanding that I could NEVER think of voting conservatively in national elections. He is visible, committed and a good guy. The regional election will be a slightly more impulsive decision, but I always vote for the blue side. “

‘Front page ladies’ star Gunnvør Dalsgaard

Copenhagen Municipality – Capital Region

“Of course I vote, I see it as both a duty and a privilege when you are a citizen of a democracy. For me, democracy is about participating and trying to make a difference, and with your voice you can help create a more well-functioning society. I vote for the Radical Left both times, because they are the ones I most agree with. “

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