See how Bernardo Sousa is performing at the Madeira Wine Rally and take a look at the classification

After two years away from racing, as a result of a suspension for testing positive in an anti-doping control, Bernardo Sousa is back in competitions and has competed since yesterday in the Madeira Wine Rally, the third event since his return in June this year.

The competition started yesterday and runs until this Saturday, August 6th. The edition consists of a total of 17 sections, from which two classifications result: the race in specific and the general.

At general rankingBernardo Sousa obtains the 6th place and appears 25.5 seconds from the first place. This result is the result of the 9th place in the first race, the 7th place in the second section and the 6th place in the third race so far.

The competition continues for the rest of today and tomorrow, and it is possible to see some of the images of the performance of the winner of the second edition of Big Brother Famosos, which have been widely disseminated on social networks.

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