Security guard is caught receiving a supposed “ghost” patient who had died days before

A security camera recorded the moment when a guard at the Finochietto Sanatorium, a hospital located in Buenos Aires, Argentina, receives a supposed “ghost” patient.

The images, widely shared on social networks, show that the worker was sitting at a desk at dawn when the doors opened automatically. After that, he stood up and wrote down the name of the “visitor”.

Then, it is observed that the security member offers him a wheelchair, but the person with whom he “talks” refuses.

After a long time, the guard decides to consult the doctors about the patient, who had come to the site “to pick up some belongings”; however, they told him that during that whole time they did not attend to anyone.

Watch the viral video here

The doctors never attended the alleged patient

According to the medium when they checked the name registered by the “visitor”, they discovered that this coincided with the ID of a person who died days ago.

At the moment, it is unknown what happened in the Finochietto Sanatorium. It is also not known who published the images on social networks, nor the reason why the entrance doors opened automatically.

Although it is believed that it could be something orchestrated by the guard, it is not ruled out that it is a joke and that there is more than one person responsible.

What is a viral video?

A viral video is a recording that becomes popular after several people share it through the internet through social networks, online services or specialized websites such as YouTube.

The reason why is shared is because it causes furor and impact in the viewers who view it, motivating them to spread it among all their acquaintances, and these in turn with their close circles and so on until reaching millions of views.

A viral video can have various types of content, ranging from humorous to tragic.and although in some cases, it could hurt sensibilities, it can reach a large number of reproductions in a short time.

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