Secretly married? Tanja Makarić’s name is Classen as a gift

Oops! Are Julian Claßen (29) and Tanja Makarić (25) hiding an important step in their relationship from their fans? Shortly after separating from his longtime wife Bibi Classen (29), the YouTuber tied up with the ex-swimmer: Since then, the couple has been turtledoing on social media, what’s worth. But have Julian and Tanya even married now? After all, the influencer already has her loved one’s last name on a gift…

In your Instagram-Story published Tanya now a snapshot in which she proudly presents a gift. But some fans may have pricked up their ears with this picture: The present is two bread knives with wooden handles that say “Julian Classen” and “Tanja Classen”. “I got this as a gift from the restaurant, so cute”, said the beauty. So are the two possibly already husband and wife?

Whether married or not – Julian and Tanya are really happy together! celebrity flash met the two in September at the children’s day in Berlin. There the brunette revealed the secret of her love: “Trust, willingness to compromise, communication”she listed at the event.

Julian Classen and Tanja Makarić in August 2022

Instagram / tanjamakaric_

Tanja Makarić’s gift
Julian Classen and Tanja Makarić in November 2022

Can you imagine that Julian and Tanja got married secretly?

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