Secret Truths 2: Camila Queiroz writes a letter to Angel after leaving the soap opera

after the actress Camila Queiroz leave the cast of the soap opera “Secret Truths 2“, written by Walcyr Executioner, the artist published a text this Thursday (11/18) on her Instagram to say goodbye to her famous character in the plot, the Angel. The letter made by Camila marks her exit from production, as communicated by Globoplay due to “unacceptable contractual demands”.

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“Those who always followed me know that I always said goodbye to my characters here too, and this letter is for you, Angel. My Angel, I write this letter with tears in my eyes, but with a tranquil heart. In 2015 when we met, I knew that our meeting would be eternal. I always felt your strength, your power and the hurricane you are. Being your home was always challenging, you always took me out of my comfort zone, always made me go beyond what I myself doubted to be capable and for you and for you I gave myself and gave myself,” stated the actress.

“Our reunion was so beautiful and so full of meaning, for me and for you. We grew and matured. You can’t imagine the strength and courage you brought me and bring me as a woman and artist in such a macho country. I thank the goddesses and the gods. Gods for our meeting and I thank you for choosing me. Today my pain is such that I seem to have lost someone in the family, but not really, because you are eternal, you are giant and you will always be with me and with everyone who lived with us their story. Sorry I didn’t say goodbye to you as you deserved, they didn’t allow me, but in my heart and in my story, you will always be. With love and gratitude,” concluded Camila

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