Secret Truth 2: Who is the actor who stars in hot scenes with Lara

With episodes released every 10 days, Secret Truths 2 is doing a lot of success on Globoplay. Famous for the hottest scenes on Brazilian television, the 2nd season of the soap opera introduces Lara, played by Julia Byrro. In the new chapters of the telenovela, the young woman becomes involved with Ancel, played by Felipe Mafra. We’ve explained everything you need to know about the actor below; check out.

In the plot of Verdades Secretas 2, Julia Byrro plays Lara, a teenager who moves to São Paulo and ends up getting involved in Blanche’s agency’s pink book scheme.

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The model agency’s newest hire is renamed Lua before entering the world of prostitution. One of the character’s first clients is Ancel, a character described as “dark and mysterious”.

“It’s a deep and plastic sequence at the same time. Amora Mautner’s direction is a burst of energy on set. It was an immense honor to launch myself body and soul”, said actor Felipe Mafra in a conversation with the Extra newspaper.

Who is Felipe Mafra in Secrets 2?

Currently 40 years old, Felipe Mafra is a Brazilian actor, singer and composer.

Ancel de Verdades Secretas 2 began its artistic career at the opening of the TV show Season Capricho Fashion, promoted by the homonymous magazine.

Since then, the actor and singer has stood out mainly for works in theater and for performances on TV and in movies.

In theater, Felipe Mafra debuted in the Brazilian version of the play Off Broadway 33 Variações de Beethoven, which had Wolf Maya in the direction and Nathalia Timberg in the cast.

Afterwards, the actor from Verdades Secretas 2 played the handsome Rocky in the Brazilian montage of the musical The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

At the time, the actor began to stand out in the world of Brazilian musical theater. Felipe Mafra was nominated for several awards and received the trophy for Best Musical of 2016 at the Aplauso Brasil Award.

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Starring in the scenic show Felipe Mafra on the Soundtracks, the actor sold out the box office at Teatro Porto Seguro, in São Paulo.

After a short season, the artist also acted in the play Beatles Num Céu de Diamantes, which has been in theaters for over 10 years.

In the movies, Felipe Mafra acted in three films, standing out for playing the protagonist of the thriller Máscaras, currently in post-production.

Finally, on TV, the actor acted in small roles in the soap operas Bom Sucesso and Amor de Mãe.

Felipe Mafra is also very successful on social media. On Instagram, the actor has more than 91 thousand followers. See some photos below.

Secret Truths 2 episodes are released on Globoplay.

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