Secret Truth 2: Fans are shocked by the resignation of Camila Queiroz

Secret Truths 2 was hit by a bomb that left Globoplay subscribers in shock. Globo announced the resignation of Camila Queiroz, a Angel, from the show’s cast.

The station released a statement saying it would need to extend Camila Queiroz’s contract for another seven days. The situation came about because of the pandemic.

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But, this negotiation did not have a happy ending. Globo describes that Angel’s actress wanted a guaranteed participation in the third season and also defined the outcome of her character in Secret Truths 2.

On social media, fans were divided by the situation. However, everyone’s reaction is the same: a complete shock.

On Twitter, Camila Queiroz did not comment directly on the case. Angel’s interpreter just said that she preferred mental health to reason.

Check out the post with fan reactions below.

Secret Truths 2 has three parts on Globoplay

The third part of Secret Truths arrives on the night of this November 17th (from 9:30 pm) and the final installments have defined dates. Afterwards, the last parts are released on Globoplay on December 1st and on December 15th.

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With the dates, the Secret Truths 2 grid on Globoplay looks like this:

December 1st: fourth part
December 15: fifth and last part

The plot of Secret Truth 2 begins with a major trauma for the protagonist Arlete (Camila Queiroz) – Angel: the young woman loses her husband Guilherme (Gabriel Leone) in a suspected car accident. Giovanna (Agatha Moreira), in turn, returns from her time in Paris.

Without it, Angel will need to return to the pink book to pay for his son’s medical treatment. The character is involved with Cristiano (Rômulo Estrela), a private investigator hired to infiltrate the world of fashion and prostitution.

Secret Truths 2 is available on Globoplay.

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