“Secret Story” 2: who is who and what are their secrets

The second season of “Secret Story”, a Mediaset coexistence reality show, premiered on January 13, 2022 and in its first gala, hosted by Carlos Sobera, the identities of the new inhabitants of the famous Guadalix de la Sierra house were revealed. In total there are 15 contestants because two sisters participate together.

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Each participant had a presentation video that gave some clues about their personality, likes, dislikes and even personal and professional background. Everyone must protect their secrets if they want both prizes. So who are the contestants on the second season of “”?


1. Nissy y Laila

After three years without seeing each other, Nissy and Laila, two twin sisters with a German father and a Moroccan mother, met again “”. Laila, 27, is a secretary and has a son. While Nissy is a waitress, impulsive and impatient.

2. Carlos

Carlos is 27 years old, he is creative and he is from Madrid. “I identify as a non-binary person. That means that I don’t consider myself a man or a woman, I’m right there in the middle. I share things of both genres, but I don’t feel identified with either. Pronouns don’t matter to me if they refer to me with ‘He’ or ‘She’, or if I’m even gender neutral with ‘e’”.

3. Adrián

Adrián is 26 years old, comes from Calatayud and is a teacher. At the first gala of the second edition of “” paid tribute to his deceased friend. He explained that before he had low self-esteem, but he has worked on it and now he is “transparent and happy.”

4. Elena

Elena, 26, is a sales consultant who grew up in Triana, but lives in Berlin. “I am a very fighter, independent, adventurous and unstable person because I have not lived more than four years in the same country. I have lived in Belgium, Russia, Amsterdam, Dubai and Berlin. I speak 7 languages”, he indicated.

5. Cora

Cora is 25 years old and is a beautician in Barcelona. “I am a very ‘character’ girl, I like to attract attention and when someone doesn’t like me I don’t understand it. I am impulsive, sweet, I have my angel part and my devil part. Above all, my passion is dancing twerk. I have a gift, I am able to hook people”.

6. Carmen

According to information from , Carmen is a math student, she is 25 years old and is passionate about telling her life through social networks. She was the first nominee of the edition.

7. Rafa

Rafa is 28 years old and is a plumber. He studied Chemistry, but never practiced, he even falsified his resume to access various jobs. He likes meeting different people and cultures.

March 8

Marta is 27 years old and is the deputy mayor of Torrecilla de Alcañiz (Teruel) and a social worker. “Empowered and feminist”, claims the peoples of the emptied Spain. “It seems outrageous to me when people say that the townspeople are rednecks. Those from the city could come and learn to live in a town. The people of the town are not fools”.

9. Brenda

Brenda, 40, is a sweeper. “My job is more difficult than people think. I’ve been here since I was 15 years old because life hasn’t made it easy for me. People consider me a fighter, I am a mother of two midgets and I am married to myself. I like esotericism and astrology”, he pointed out.

10. Kenny

Kenny is 30 years old, he is from Cuba and lives in Barcelona. In addition, he is a model and content creator. He misses his mother and longs to be able to bring her to Spain. “For me dance is a way of communication”.

11. Colchero

David Colchero considers himself a hustler for having had a tough childhood. He would like to be a cook, work in tourism, and volunteer to save turtles.

12. Alatzne

Alatzne is 44 years old and is an emergency technician. “I may be fragile in some ways, but I am a very strong woman and I don’t give up in the face of adversity.”. He warned that he does not have much patience and that the opinion that matters to him is his own, that of his family and that of his dog Lolo.

13. Alberto

Alberto, 36, defines himself as “extroverted, silly and very smooth-talking.” Also, he is a barista. “As a representative of the hospitality industry I come to win ‘Secret Story’. My dream is to start my own coffee business”, He assured.

14. Virginia

Virginia is 27 years old, comes from Rota and is a tour guide. “My way of living is travelling, there is nothing that brings me more in life, there is no place in the world where I would not like to go, I want to discover everything. I love to flow, I’m a total lifer“, he claimed.

15. Hector

Héctor is 42 years old and is a photographer from Tenerife. He has traveled half the world and wants to convey that any normal person can be special.


  • I resorted to hunger queues to survive
  • I am a virgin
  • I have a sister that I don’t know
  • When I get bored in sex I fall asleep
  • I intoxicated my neighborhood with cement croquettes
  • I was unfaithful to my partner with more than 100 people
  • I have opened a corpse
  • I scammed my friends with luxury brands
  • I got addicted to eating scouring pads
  • I was a catechist and almost took the habits
  • I was seduced by a friend of my mother
  • My mother loved money more than me
  • I had an affair with an actor or actress 20 years older than me
  • I was an obese person who did not leave the house
  • My boss broke up his marriage for me
  • I cheated on my parents to live a love

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