Second season of ‘Brincando com Fogo Brasil’ introduces new participants. Check out!

This Thursday (4th), the Netflix announced the second season of “Brincando Com Fogo Brasil”, a reality show that brings together men and women on an island to test who will resist temptation. Unlike “De Férias Com o Ex Celebs”, which has Mirella, Lipe Ribeiro and Lumena in the cast, including a veto request against ex-fiancé by the funkeira, on September 28 the public will meet the 10 participants who were confined in a tropical paradise and challenged to deprive themselves of any and all physical contact for 40 days.

Presented by Bruna Louise, who played the virtual assistant Lana in the first edition, she will return as presenter of “Brincando Com Fogo Brasil”. Models, DJs and students from various regions will be on the program. Victoria Macan, Isadora Salles, Nayara Colombo, Sandri Oliveira and Khiara Italia are part of the female cast. Ivan Almeida, Wálison Gomes, Italo Lopes, Kelvin Duran and Justen Nosoliny complete the male cast. In addition to “Playing with Fire”, Netflix also announced the second season of “Marriage Is Blind”.

Who won ‘Playing with Fire Brazil’?


Winners of “Power Couple Brazil”, Matheus and Brenda gave something to talk about in “Playing with Fire”. The couple managed to win a fine of BRL 200,000 after having sex on the Netflix reality show. The couple got into a relationship at the end of the Netflix show. In other editions, the reality series classified all participants as winners and each took home US$ 7,500. In Brazil, participants receive R$ 500,000, but the amount decreases with each sexual act performed.

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