Second Green Goblin in “Spider-Man: No Way Home”? New Marvel poster solves the puzzle

After the second trailer, some Marvel fans wondered if there was another Green Goblin in “Spider-Man: No Way Home”. A new poster now gives us the answer.

Five Marvel villains are for „Spider-Man: No Way Home“ already confirmed: Doc Ock (Alfred Molina), Electro (Jamie Foxx), Lizard and Sandman and the Green Kobold (Willem Dafoe). After the second trailer for the next film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), however, fans wondered if actually one second green goblin involved in the film.

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Already at the beginning, almost in the preview for the actual trailer, you can see a scene in which a green goblin is obviously flying through the air on its glider at night. This poorly recognizable figure, however, wears a different costume than the well-known version of Willem Dafoe and does not have his bulky helmet on. So the question arose as to whether one of the two Harry Osborn actors might not be involved in “No Way Home”. Namely James Franco, who starred in the trilogy with Tobey Maguire, and Dane DeHaan, who in turn was involved in Andrew Garfield’s “The Amazing Spider-Man” films.

A new poster for “Spider-Man: No Way Home” finally solves the mystery. Finally, the mysterious Green Goblin can be seen in the background.

© Sony

You have to zoom in a bit, but then you can clearly see that this is actually Willem Dafoe and not Dane DeHaan or James Franco.

© Sony

Why does the Green Goblin have a new costume?

So in all probability there will not be a second Green Goblin. It would have been interesting to see one or even both Harry Osborn versions, but in the end it is probably better that “No Way Home” is limited to a Green Goblin. After all, as already mentioned, there are officially five villains in the film, and another, currently unknown, could be added to complete the Sinister Six. Since this is a considerable number, the list of adversaries should probably not be inflated any further.

Now we also know that Willem Dafoe’s version will wear a new costume in the MCU film. Since we have already seen him in his classic Green Goblin outfit from “Spider-Man” in the trailer and other posters, the question remains why he changes his costume. The fans should be fine anyway, after all, Dafoe managed one of his most popular performances as the manic Marvel villain. But we can only see his crazy grin without the helmet. If you don’t want to miss this, you should hit the cinemas from December 15, 2021, because then “Spider-Man: No Way Home” will start in Germany. You should keep your eyes open during the film, because we can expect a number of Easter Eggs and that they have their very own entertainment factor, as our video proves:

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