Second ESC semi-final: These countries will be there on Saturday

Second ESC semi-final
These countries are there on Saturday

The Rasmus from Finland have made it to the final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2022.

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On Thursday evening, ten more countries qualified for the ESC 2022 final. These are all the acts that will be performing.

Now all participants are determined! In front of around 7,000 spectators in the PalaOlimpico in Turin on Thursday evening, ten countries secured the last places for the final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 on Saturday. The moderation trio Laura Pausini (47), Alessandro Cattelan (41) and Mika (38) can welcome the contributions from the following countries on May 14th.

These are the 25 finalists

As one of the “Big Five” representatives, Germany is automatically seeded for the final alongside France, Spain, Great Britain and Italy. Since the host always has a place and the ESC takes place in Turin, only acts from 25 instead of 26 countries will take part in the final round of the competition on Saturday. Alvan & Ahez (“Fulenn”) will start for France, Chanel (31, “SloMo”) for Spain, Sam Ryder (32, “Space Man”) for Great Britain and Mahmood & Blanco (“Brividi”) for host Italy. Malik Harris (24) will then be on stage for Germany with the song “Rockstars”.

In the second semi-final on Thursday, Jérémie Makiese (21, Belgium) qualified with “Miss You”, Cornelia Jakobs (30, Sweden) with “Hold Me Closer” and Sheldon Riley (23, Australia) with “Not The Same”. Also present are Ochman (22, Poland) with “River”, Stefan (24, Estonia) with “Hope”, WRS (29, Romania) with “Llámame” and The Rasmus (Finland), who released 2003 with “In The Shadows ” had a world hit with their song “Jezebel”. They are joined by We are Domi (Czech Republic) with “Lights Off”, the singer Konstrakta (43, Serbia) with “In corpore sano” and Nadir Rustamli (22, Azerbaijan) with “Fade To Black”.

In the first semi-final Kalush Orchestra (Ukraine) with “Stefania”, Marius Bear (29, Switzerland) with “Boys Do Cry”, Rosa Linn (21, Armenia) with “Snap”, Systur (Island) with “Með hækkandi sól ” and Monika Liu (34, Lithuania) won a place in the final with “Sentimentai”. They were also joined by Maro (27, Portugal) with “Sudade, saudade”, Subwoolfer (Norway) with “Give That Wolf A Banana”, Amanda Tenfjord (25, Greece) with “Die Together”, Zdob și Zdub & Fraţii Advahov (Moldova) with “Trenuleţul” and the singer S10 (21, Netherlands) with “De Diepte”.

These countries are no longer included

The acts from Israel, Georgia, Malta, San Marino, Cyprus, Ireland, North Macedonia and Montenegro have been eliminated. In the first semi-final, the entries from Albania, Latvia, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Denmark and Austria had not been able to assert themselves.

The final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 will take place on May 14th from 9:00 p.m. and will be live on the first, on ONE, on “” and in the ARD media library to see.


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