Šebrle accepted a tempting offer: The first man on the cover of Playboy!

Together with him, Kristýna Černá, owner of the Provoque brand, posed for the magazine. “I was pleasantly surprised by the offer. I’ve been collaborating with Playboy magazine on photo shoots for a year, but this is my first time as a model,” Kristýna confided to eXtra.cz. “At the same time, I was flattered by the choice of partner for the photo shoot, posing with a legend of Czech sports and a current TV news star is every woman’s dream,” she did not forget to praise her partner.

Shreble with his new girl in Playboy! Check out the preview!

The question remains how Shreb did he even get on the cover of Playboy? After all, it is the unattainable dream of most models. “When I learned that I had the opportunity to pose on the cover of a prestigious magazine like Playboy, I was thrilled. It’s not very common for a man to pose on the cover of Playboy, so I gladly accepted the offer.” Roman explained. It is the first time in history that a man and a woman dominate the main page of the magazine. This is called success!

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