Sébastien had his tongue torn off by his companion in Rome: the Liège “bite-eater” can return to Belgium!

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The horrible story of the Liégeois couple who quarreled last week in Rome has gone around the world. During this argument, a 40-year-old lady cut Sébastien’s tongue (43) with her teeth. The torn part had been placed in a glass and then put in a fridge located in the room of a B&B in the Trastevere district occupied by the Belgians.

Friday, the lady whose identity we do not know was heard urgently by the judges of the court located in Piazzala Clodio. The magistrates validated the arrest of the Liégeoise, as requested by the prosecutor Maria Bice Barborini. But they did not order any detention because she has no criminal record. The case, writes our colleague from the newspaper “Il Mattino” will be re-examined in February. In the meantime, the woman therefore remains at liberty and will be able to return to Belgium if this has not already been done. The defense, it says, reserved the right to opt for another route, but the woman gave no explanation for this incident. The journalist was able to reach her lawyer but he did not agree to make the slightest comment.

Remember that it all started in a local restaurant. The couple had drunk plenty of red wine to accompany the typical Roman dishes they had ordered. After returning to the B&B, the people of Liège began to speak out loud and then made peace. But the argument then resumed in an increasingly heated tone. It resulted in this bite of the man’s tongue.

The emergency services, following the call to 118, were quickly there. The police had questioned the woman who had denied everything. Sebastien had been transferred to San Camillo Hospital where he underwent emergency surgery but it was unsuccessful. The victim is still hospitalized in order to prevent the risk of infection. The gendarmes heard from him and carried out a new inspection of the B&B. The victim could stay more than 30 days in convalescence …

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