Sebastián Yatra and L-Gante together for a song: "Does…?"

They are busy days for Sebastian Yatra. While enjoying the success of his songs and releases, he spent a few days in Argentina for the invitation he received to the wedding of Stefi Roitman and Ricky Montaner, where he even sang at the great party that the lovers starred in.

His personal side seems mobilized as well, since there is speculation with his reconciliation with Tini Stoessel and witnesses indicated that They saw them dancing together all night last Saturday in the expected event. As if that were not enough, you are close to publishing a song that has already caused a stir on social media with a simple post.

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Sebastian Yatra He went to his Instagram account to share three images in which he revealed that will release a song with L-Ghent, in addition to Justin quiles. “Could it be that we finally let her go?”wrote the Colombian singer about the new hit that is coming. This is surprising for the different styles they play, although the mix can be very good if you consider the background.

A few months ago, Tini published a collaboration with Elian Valenzuela call “Bar” and its success was resounding. Precisely this detail seems to feed the rumors that show the former couple getting closer and closer, beyond the fact that they did not share any indication that they returned.


Sebastián Yatra with L-Gante.

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