Sebastian Böhm: Hairstylist Sebastian Böhm dies at the age of 36

Sebastian Boehm
The celebrity hairdresser has died

Sebastian Boehm (†)

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It was not until November 2021 that star hairdresser Sebastian Böhm made it public that the blood cancer had returned. Now the hairstylist has succumbed to the consequences of his leukemia disease.

Sebastian Böhm is dead. The hairdresser, who already styled the hair of stars like “Tokio Hotel” singer Bill Kaulitz, 33, or Schlagerqueen Andrea Berg, 56, died of blood cancer at the age of only 36. This was announced by his hair salon Hairricane on November 14, 2022 on the make-up artist’s Facebook profile.

Sebastian Böhm dies after falling leukemia again

“We are deeply shocked and sad to announce that our beloved Basti has passed away… Rest In Peace [sic]”, says the message. The salon will remain “closed for the time being” and will open again for customers “from 11/21/22”.

Reality TV star Julian FM Stoeckel, 35, ‘can’t believe it’. Pop star Annemarie Eilfeld, 32, also mourns Böhm in the comments.

In November 2021 the cancer came back

At the beginning of November 2021, Sebastian Böhm had to publicize that with a call for stem cell donation “After surviving chemotherapy last year, the leukemia broke out again.” It is now clear “that a cure will only be possible with a stem cell donation. The chemotherapy has been running again for a few days and is being prepared in advance,” it said.

Sebastian wished he could have “spared these lines” for himself and his more than 80,000 followers, he said combatively. Unfortunately it wasn’t enough…

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