Seasonal, Minister Garavaglia insists: “Increase flows decree”. But he does not respond to foreign workers fleeing Italy

Self-criticism? Forget it“. The Minister of Tourism chooses to say goodbye, Massimo Garavaglia, in front of a question de placed at the end of the meeting with journalists at the Foreign Press headquarters in Rome. The minister had been asked for a comment on the words of the president of Confindustria Veneto, Enrico Carraro, according to which “even foreign workers are fleeing Italy, they run to Germany and even to Romania”, with Italy in danger of “being cut off from migratory flows”. Garavaglia avoided answering, inviting them to show what was said during the event. For the Northern League minister, if we have unemployment close to 10% and the tourism sector is missing “between 250,000 and 350,000“Vacant positions,” in the immediate future the only solution is a flow decree to have staff available “. That is, to increase the quota of entry into Italy of foreign workers. “A problem that not only Italy has but is a generalized problem”. Evidently the minister will have escaped what happened for example in Spain. “The meeting between demand and supply of work doesn’t work – says Garavaglia – and why doesn’t it work? There are contractual aspects, structural problems and aspects linked to existing regulations of subsidies of various kinds ”. Here too, the real boom in seasonal contracts recorded both in 2021 and in the years preceding the introduction of Basic income it is not taken into consideration by the minister.

Of all the causes of the lack of workers, Garavaglia did not mention Italian wages. On the contrary it has ruled out wages as a problem. “Sometimes to improve the match between supply and demand, technical solutions of rules would be enough, not necessarily the figures that are offered”. “We need to make a more prospective reasoning with regard to formation” and in the meantime “everything is valid, even – here is the Minister’s proposal – the reintroduction of vouchers in agriculture and tourism“. A tool, that of the voucher, which in recent years has been severely limited due to abuses and irregularities. “It is clear that the voucher it is not a permanent contract, but the undersigned paid for college by being a bricklayer and waiter. If there had been the voucher I would have been delighted, rather than being a waiter in black “

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