Search engine: finally a tool to delete personal information from Google

Google offers a new button that allows you to remove personal information from its search engine results. This does not mean that this information disappears from the web pages on which it is located.

I’m googled… you’re googled… we’re all googled… Quite often, all you have to do is search for someone’s name in the Google search engine to get a lot of results and information about it. Sometimes very personal information, which we do not necessarily want to see lying around on the Web, but which nevertheless stand out in the results. It’s been a while since it’s been possible to ask Google to “dereference” information by filling in a form available on this page. Today the giantInternetInternet takes it a step further by launching a new button for manually deleting results. It is not yet present for everyone. At the moment, it is only found in the United States and it is starting to land in Europe.

A delisting is not a deletion


By clicking on this button, it is possible to ask Google to remove pages containing telephone numbers, home addresses, e-mail addresses, or any other private data from search results. This button can also be used to update its obsolete information. As explained Google, this new button makes it easy to control what kind of personal information is in search engine results. But, be careful, because deindexing does not necessarily mean deleting. The data will remain present on the pages of the sites on which they are present. The only solution to delete them will be to ask the administrator to do so.

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