Search apartment or house: the HUGE budget of a couple amazes Internet users

Finding accommodation in Paris is not easy. And we are not talking in terms of square footage but rather budget. Indeed, whether students, young couples, or even single people, everyone knows that the budget to find happiness must be substantial and sometimes a little too much… The price per square meter in the capital is totally different from that which can be found in the provinces. The fact that it is the French capital obviously explains this big difference. However, this does not slow down those wishing to settle or move to Paris in order to be able to rub shoulders with the most beautiful monuments of a city that amazes the whole world.

Precisely, in the episode of Search apartment or house of this Friday January 14, Amandine, star of the Paris Opera ballet, and her husband Jean, PE teacher and rugby player called on Stéphane Plaza to find the accommodation of their dream in the capital. Perhaps because of many prejudices, netizens were shocked to learn of the COLOSSAL budget of the lovebirds as a couple for six years and married for a year. The latter looking for a 70m2, with two bedrooms, bright, quiet, but close to shops. In other words, a property costing “an arm” and probably not within the financial capabilities of the couple. However, it would seem that being a prima ballerina at the Paris Opera ballet and a PE teacher pays pretty well. Given that the lovers announced a budget of… 860,000 euros, or even 900,000 in the event of a crush!

An announcement that greatly shocked Internet users who did not hesitate to express their amazement. “#raom a budget that makes you sweat …. it earns well teacher say so !!”, wrote a twittos immediately joined by another Internet user: “Budget of 900,000 euros and he is a PE teacher. We don’t live in the same world”. While another seemed to agree: “Budget of 860k€ with the guy sports teacher, HOW MUCH DOES THE OPERA F*K PAY ?”. Although the couple’s budget shocked Internet users, it was above all the price of the Parisian real estate market that impressed the Twittersphere.

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